Welcome to the Wikispace for the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics program
New Accelerators for the 21st Century

May 31, 2016 - June 10, 2016
Coordinators: Nima Arkani-Hamed, Nathaniel Craig, David Gross, Joe Incandela, Michelangelo Mangano, and Lian-Tao Wang

Need Help?

  • Nathaniel Craig has volunteered to be the wikimaster for our program. He can be reached by regular email here, by phone at extension #6366, or in person in office #1211.

Getting started

  • Learning to use this wiki is no harder than learning to use email. Briefly, to edit a page, simply click the Edit tab at the top of the page. To add a page, click on the New Page item at the top left. Every page has a discussion board associated with it. To peruse the comments or to add your thoughts, click the discussion tab on the top of any page.
  • There is practice wikispace where you can try your hand at using the editor without fear of destroying previous handiwork. Here, you will find pages illustrating how to add tables, files, images, mathematical expressions, etc. You will also find a list of all previous KITP wikis from which you may get some idea how others have exploited this platform.